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The Ensemble – Part 3

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 by in Her

In 2007, a handsome young lad walked out on the Jobsite stage opened his mouth and sang.

I have been listening to him ever since.

Spencer Paul Meyers is the most talented person I know. He’s so talented it kind of makes you sick. You can listen to him sing and your tummy gets all fluttery,  then you see his artwork and you get a little light headed, then you go on stage with him and you get all disoriented.

Like I said, he makes you sick.

(I have a strange way of praising my friends).

Fun Fact: Spencer and I first appeared on stage together in A Dream Play. Due to some unique costuming choices, Spencer had to be very close to me when I was not wearing much. He could have made inappropriate jokes the whole time. Instead, he was a gentleman and said nothing – until the show was over and now he never lets it go. This is theater, this is how we do.

Spencer doesn’t sleep. He paints. He paints beautiful women and strange children, delightful animals and dapper men. His mind is a rich playground of fantastical creatures. Do you have a friend that you can sit with, kill a bottle of wine, and chat while they sketch out the beginning of what will be a huge oil painting?


Too bad. I have that friend. I have Spencer.

We drink wine together and talk about art and theater. We drink beer together and talk about boys. We drink cocktails together and sing karaoke. There is a protocol.

He sketches Muncha-inspired images without thinking, he attracts men without realizing it (which is hilarious to watch), he channels Freddy Mercury when he sings – he is fun to orbit around.

He is also an amazing friend. A beautiful, loving, thoughtful friend. I trust him and I trust his opinion completely. He finds beauty in the everyday, the absurd in the mundane, the lesson in the chaos, the laughter in the moment.

His is a friendship built upon the sensuous. Images, sounds, feelings, tastes are all heightened around Spencer. I find it hard to write about him because instead I want you to hear him sing Dream On better than Steven Tyler, or go to one of his art shows and watch it sell out in two hours, or see him as Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing and see how funny he is on stage. Instead, you’ll read this, and see him be the cute guy with the bow tie on the bride side.

That’s short changing him.

Maybe I should get a karaoke machine at the wedding.

Oh, and my mother loves him more than me.

Whaddya gonna do?